O.R.X. is a dark fantasy strategy game inspired by tabletop design and king of the hill. Are you the king of your castle?
Long live the King!
Sabaton: Long live the King is a strategy mini-game inspired by one of our favourite music bands.
We develop small and beautiful games
Who is responsible for this?
Ivan Suhin
Game design / can reply to emails
Ivan comes up with the game design and does organisational stuff.
Ilya Khilko
Artist / +6 attack damage
Ilya created all art for O.R.X. and Long live the King!
Olga Butova
Developer / Pik !
Olga is the main developer on O.R.X. She likes consistency, Terraria and pigs from Angry Birds.
Eugeniy Astapushkin
Developer / Dwarf with big axe
Eugeniy developed Long live the King! He likes Dwarfs, flamethrowers and Warhammer.
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